Monday, March 9, 2015

Dirt is a 4 Letter Word

Did you know that carpet can hold 2X its weight (that's 4lbs per square yard) in dirt before it is noticed?

That's right!  Icky isn't it?  Just think, by the time you see dirt in your carpet there is already 4 lbs of dirt per square yard embedded in those fibers.  Makes me want to get the vacuum out right now and sweep up all those nasty, grainy, oily, icky bits.

Carpets localize dirt.  They trap and hold it.  This is a good thing as it keeps dirt from spreading throughout your home.  By keeping entrance areas, traffic lanes and pivot points clean, you help your carpet do its job.

So-Dry Carpet Cleaning wants to collect dirt through a proper maintenance program that removes dirt before it has the opportunity to spread further into your home. That is what our professional team does.  Furthermore, we accomplish this using organic, safe and dry methods.

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