Monday, March 9, 2015

What do we mean by Dry-Cleaned Carpet?

What Do We Mean by Dry-Cleaned Carpet?

Dry-Cleaned carpet and the Host method of carpet cleaning uses:
1) agitation 
2) organic chemical action
3) time 
to suspend soil from the bottom to the top of your carpet fibers.  This is accomplished by the absorbing action of miniature Host sponges and the powerful brushes on our EVac Machine.

This is how it works.  First, we vacuum and spread our Host sponges (we might bottle spray a little spot remover where needed).  The sponges have the perfect blend of organic cleaning chemicals and water.  The wet portion amounts to about a teaspoon per square foot.  Not much.

Just like a spill on your kitchen counter, the sponges wipe up the carpet fibers from the bottom to the top and clean your carpet.  We use a powerful EVac machine that agitates the sponges up, down and around the fibers, cleaning as we go.  We then vacuum these wonderful little sponges up and your carpet is green, clean and dry.  There isn't any dirty water or  residue left behind.  Better yet, spots do not return.

See how easy it is?  We do not come into your home and leave 15 minutes later. We do not leave you with a sloppy wet mess.  When we have finished our job, your carpet will be clean and safe for you, your family and your pets to walk on.

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